What the heck are the devs doing with the balance changes?


They just buffed all the easy mode powers and nerfed the skilled ones. WHY WOULD YOU BUFF FEVERS? WHY WOULD YOU NERF HUMBLE POWERS LIKE ONE SHOT? The threat of suiciding alone makes all throwable better than shots anyways. I don’t understand :cry: Honestly the only good balance change this whole update was the teleport buffs and the multi nerfs, even so teleport didn’t even get buffed enough to be viable, and multi didn’t get nerfed much at all.



Changes are perfectly understandable and reasonable as fevers had very little to no usage rates in high level gameplay. I’m glad even noobs like yourself realize multi nerf was needed ( still is btw ).

With love,
Dumpsterer of Mos

PS, your username and rank invalidates your complaint entirely.


“your username and rank invalidates your complaint entirely”
No, everybody can complain. This game isn’t only for pros. For example I think that zap and scatter should be boosted in gms rooms, but it would kill most golden rooms because of overusing those powers.
In fact, nerfing shots and boosting fevers was a good decision because in higher rooms fevers were really unpopular. But rojos and others who decide about balance should listen to typical players too.


Shoots herf is ok, i think -0.X % is not very much ( i dont like buff homing for 2% , now is realy hard hits)
But devs are completely kill mines ( especially time bomb ), they need revork or big stellar buff,
i know, they want do fevers more popular, and fevers can take some persent . BUT NOT 3
double spammes want more reolad speed, fever and blue power more damage, fever shot longer effect
tehnicaly mines was counter for shots, shots coutner for feveres ( not all ) and fevers are just well powers what can realy changed all game. Skill needed for play on high level.Now balance are totally destroyed


after some hours of game i can say what it is not so bad how i think
( some hours of game is stable 300-500ms)
shoots now are just good balanced, i hate “new” hitboxes because now shots explosion can kill you in any position, less damage help with it.
fevers now realy strong, they show their true potential. I dont sure about their nerf.


I was dia before but im no longer a shot sweat, and after these nerfs im really glad im no longer a shot sweat lmao


I read that and that’s why I refrained from swearing and insulting the devs directly


pretty much highlighted every other unwanted change that I didn’t mention in the post



I agree Dan can be an ass but he’s got a point that balances should be based on high level games. This is the case in every game ever and for good reason. All games have its “no skill” loadouts that don’t work anymore against people who know what they’re doing (like hide zap in this game) but just because they are annoying in low tiers doesn’t mean the powers have to be kept in the dark for high tiers. Most games have mostly casual players but that player base can always find ways to counter the things they dislike the most (e.g. fevers against hide)


What do you consider high level? I admit, gold 2 is a fairly low rank, but by that point you can counter most of the “no skill” loadouts fairly well. Hide zap, purple power speed, will become rather simple and easy to beat for most people at my rank. It may be because the reason I’m at this rank is because I’m bad with the powers I’m using (laser) rather than being bad at the game overall. Yet I still feel that at my rank players already have the basics of the game down and your opinion should be valued.


I feel the reason most high rank players avoid fevers is more about them being unfun to play rather than underpowered. I have several friends who are very adept at using fevers and are higher rank than me, but I can’t use them at all myself…


honestly laser is an easy mode power but my brain genuinely can’t aim stuff. Maybe I should play more fps games


play time bomb and say “it’s not that bad”. I think everyone can agree that the time bomb nerf was needed to some extent, but the compensation wasn’t enough for time bomb to still be viable…


Nope, people who barely play the game don’t understands its intrinsics and mechanics. When it comes to stuff like balance changes noobs with 20 games who can’t pass holes wouldn’t be the ones I would ask for an opinion.


first of all, gold 2s can pass holes
Second, I’m gold 4 now about to be gold 5
Newsflash, some people don’t play this game religiously



lmao i remember this I grinded to plat in this game just to prove my opinion was valid, I became a sweat so that the sweats would acknowledge me


What do you mean you grinded to plat?