What power whould Kirby get if he inhaled you?




is a japanese character with its own shows and games
it’s popularity derived from it’s games and less so from the anime’s


–can frickin inhale you and turn you into a star
–can absorb your powers

  •                    so what happens when kirby inhales Me?
  •                    he whould have the willpower of a mouse


if kirby inhaled me, he whould be soap


If Kirby inhaled me he would glitch of the map, lose he’s points and die


He would be able to survive on -60 celsius And to go inti every house in The world in 1 night


santa, eh?


He would lose brain cells


He would be sad because curve got blocked for me


If kirby inhaled me he would be very stupid


If Kirby inhaled me. He will Fast as Frick.


a whole 2 iq points


If Kirby inhaled me he would have ulimate spaghett




If kirby inhaled me he would die


He’d gain the ability of communication in English, fast reflexes and grammar, but he’d probably lose patience


he’d get rights to your property


if kirby inhaled me, hed be murr