What is your play style in curvefever? Offense or Defense?


  • Play defense and earn points
  • Play offense and steal points

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Which playstyle do you use? I usually play Offense.
Also, What is everyones main combo? i need some ideas…


My main combo is one shot+shield


I use teleport and zap. I switch a lot though.


ive seen a lot of people use that. it seems hard to use tho


Well if you want to tilt somebody to the moon and back tp to first in last round and steal everything :game_die:


i try to be offensive but im very defensive with a hide mine and the slow down powers i usually try to aim my mine at ppl but i rarely hit them (Ooff y i so bad XDDDD) but i manely use the mines to clear a path for me to stay alive longer than anyone else


the most difficult thing to do is aim your fever, shoot the fever, and survive from the tryhard trigon who is about to nuke you with double shot from across the map.


bro imo using shots is way more honorable then being a fever spammer


Im like a passive offensive player, I just wait for an opening and just flex my bad curving skills.


jump and one shot or side and 1 shot