What is your guys rank?!


Yo guys I ligit just want to know your rank just in case I see you in game I personally am in gold 1 rn so yeah


im gold 1,im out of order tho,but if i played nowadays u could easily get paired with me,although the matchmaking system is too unclear


Last time I checked I was Master I.


I’m only bronze 5 and I really hoped for getting at last to a silver league but I didn’t make it after all.



I am currently on rank 1969, but I just lost 30 rank :smirk:


> be me
> gold 2 that’s far too close to gold 1 thanks to the new update
> doesn’t want to admit it because then he’ll get mocked by all the diamonds/masters/gms


So what does gm mean and so master is after diamond then the gm after master?


@Line and @stellan pfft where I am you guys would have posted at 12 am where I live


Also im sorry if I didn’t find it but do you guys know when the next update is…


gold 1 and losing more fast


well i screwed up and now im only plain gold… :’(


heres my rank 00%20AM


I’m silver 4/5. i change a lot.


I was diamond 1 now I’m gold 5 rn. I’m so mad right now!!! I’ll get back on my grind!


mann i feel bad for you


Im diamond 0 (1500 cups exactly):blue_heart:


paper 5


im gonna try to get to gold before the next update