What is your favorite game(s)?



i play about 10 hours a day on fortnite and 3 hours on CF2 a day


Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, CFP(ofcourse) thass all i got


wait and PUBG and Call of Dootis xD


Curve fever pro
Powerline.io (good game to practice angle turns)


Shadow fight 2 for mobile annnd plants vs zombies 2 for pc i dont have good pc i play only trashy games but i like tf2 and cfp is my only option to play rn


I am not much of a gamer, I only play few games. Currently, I play those games:

  • Curve Fever Pro;

  • Curve Fever 2;

  • Town of Salem;

  • World of Tanks.


Well powerline.io has very different controls then corner, I would only see it as a hinder to getting better at corner xD


Gimmie ur Roblox username




Ima gonna give u my alt acc name - Meownaut
See me on Vehicle Simulator!


ok will do!!!
Except I can’t play roblox on my chromebook :joy:


Btw i hav Cittadi Street Screamer, Yellow Helicopter , VIP and McLovin Sharpshooter (my fav car)


Geometry dash and Starve.io. Nobody talks about it though


Geometry dash da best xD


Geometry dash da worst XD


Geometry dash da bomb!


im Michigun


Transformice,Takepoint.io,Moomoo.io,and Curvefeverpro. Oh yea and Legend of Zelda. (what the heck is rainworld)




i dont think so