What is your favorite game(s)?



Reply your favorite games!

Mine is Rain World, obviously. :smirk:
(Ask me anything about Rain World if you want!)


Didja know that Rain World’s animation is procedurally generated?




well,mobile game is “clash royale”,next one gonna be “call of duty mobile” when i buy a better smratphone
pc game is "rust"and “project zomboid”,other than curve fever ofc


ROBLOX jk Minecraft but I do like roblox
and curve


offffffffffffff xd


FoRtNiTe RoBlOx mInEcRaFt and cLaSh RoYaLe


Hollow Knight,
A Hat in Time,
Crypt of the Necrodancer
and Jets’n’Guns


Ace of Spades [aka Build & Shoot (not the steam version)], Doom [1995] and Roblox.
I’m sorry.


Also a fan of Rainworld. The ecosystem in that game is a lot of fun to mess with.
Some other of my favorites include: Antichamber, Baba Is You, Beginner’s Guide, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Crash Team Racing, Exapunks, Hypnospace Outlaw, Papers Please, Return of the Obra Dinn, Starcraft: Broodwar, Stephen’s Sausage Roll, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and The Witness.


Clash of Clans and Town Of Salem.


That’s a lotta games!


haha lol


I like Call of duty, GTA, Evades.io, CFP of course, and PUBG!


Oh yeah I forgot to mention CFP. :joy:


Wait, what’s with that black cu- OH MY GOD, IT’S DARK MATTER!

Still, Antichamber is a good play.


nice games lol,especially evades.io (i have lag spikes like cfp)




Welp my favorite games are : GTA SA, Geometry Dash, SuperMario64, And also rainworld


Just played gta samp haha,ppl killed me there without reason :frowning:




My favorite game is Super Smash Bros., though Rain World is definitely up there as well. I find the Scavengers’ behavior really interesting