What is your coolest move you have done?


Regale on one of the best moments you have done,was it taking the lead from 5th place. Getting more points then you imagined? I wanna recognize those awesome moves from you guys. But this is not the same as the other ones. I just want to see howfar you have come and inspire new players to do the same


Once stole 259 points in a single round :joy:


Dont we have this?

I mean, these are all the same things!


Stolen 120 points from 2 different people in 1 round?


I beated top 3 player with speed hide lol


i guess this is more general and conversational @VIDMAN.

Though considering how this forum is being moderated, I can imagine this being closed soon for being “too similar to an existing topic” or being “offtopic”.


i pooped a fever just in front of @line, and then won my first cf official tour :stuck_out_tongue: