What is your biggest fears


After watching the show fear factor you will realize that a lot of the fears you have might be more common then you think

What is your biggest fears???


Speed + Zap in round 5.


MIne is when you go to type in chat then the round starts before your done typing


Speed zap+my build im good at
my build has no deffense against speed zap


When i play not full screen and click on another link,other fear was when u missclicked the option to upgrade your ship with gems( never happened to me)


Probably failure. And it’s funny because I procrastinate a lot, I could be improving as a person a lot more than I do :s

(actually one serious reply)


getting zaped or triple shot in round 5 or 6


Spiders, crane flies, and Speed + Zap


Mine is grammar nazis and heights


Being killed by escalator…


Something malfunctioning so I get trapped.