What is ur favorite combo for having fun


After you get your crate for the say and you just want to plat around what do you choose?
For me it is speed fever and speed burst. They never see me coming. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Currently use lorez and 1shot,but i’d like to master laser


homing scatter


Fever/mine + shield/any other attack module.

Been slowly working at learning double fever, but usually I default to fever/mine + some form of missile / shield


Brake + Laser or Speedy Fever + Side Shot


Jump + Zap


Totally HIDESELF + SCATTER … join the silent assassins :joy:


SPEEDY FEVER + SPEED BURST = trolling people and fun


speedy fever + jump ( but you need skill to have fun) or time bomb + stealth mine (trolling)


Double + Multi = :trophy::ok_hand:


Just for having fun, speed burst and jump, though I’ll probably never use it in quick play, lel.



Speed burst and jump for me as well
It’s really fun using it to constantly cut people off
They can rarely survive it


Lol you can jump over multiple walls and hope out of nowhere, it’s very tough to prepare for if you’re against it

Although I’m not exactly great at it lol, its tough to aim the landing properly and I often just jump into my own death, thats why I dont use it in quick play


Just angle turns.

Watch everyone freak out XD


ahh Lucifer’s alarm clock
I think the mods low key don’t want to fix the bug at this point


hahahaha, delusional, you will never win with that, it’s bad


it’s completly useless, you can’t hit with that .


jump speed cuz its my most popular invention :sunglasses:


well,i just like reverse to smash my opponents,i like to place it right there when the rivals is about to pass ,by wrecking us,thats very satisfying,more than lasering them,its only good for me,even though is very annoying to the others, and yeah i feel kind of meanie :stuck_out_tongue:


this op invisible mine for noobs + zap