What is the hardest set-up to use that is still used?



this is just some random thing i thought of XD
the choices will be showed in about 2-4 weeks


I think the hardest surviving combo would be Hide + Brake. If you are playing offensively, you’ll have to cut off the players while being hidden with brake (it would be hard to go to someone without being get hit/cut off)


ok i would have never thought of that


Don’t think it is used too much tho … hardest to learn is certainly corner/lasr/triggerbomb … as an offensive combo i would say any 2 shots are the hardest to play with!


Yeah I agree with @Line


Even one shot + scatter? :joy:
I think it’s pretty easy as long as you have a good strategy.


Depends who you play against! A decent gm might not even get hit once by you :joy: and unless there are no silver/gold bots you can feed from you should have a hard time :joy:


I think I got… #roasted


Not at all :joy: I am just saying you can hide from shooter easier then from anything else :stuck_out_tongue:


It really depends on the room. I think zap+scatter is quite tough in gm rooms. Disagree with angelov: hide+anything is good enough in gm rooms. But what about angle+zap/scatter? or angle+trigger?


Hm yea didn’t think about zap/scatter

Well I don’t count anything with angle as an attacking combo :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, Taras and mimokrok (or Lanvin) would disagree :wink: