What is the best horror movie to watch


I know this is off topic but I have been watching horror movies latly and none of them are as good as you think. Sooo… Can u help me out and post a scary horror movie that scared you


Hey Lunicorn,

I love horrors, though I’m not one to get scared easy. I can recommend a few of my favourites:

My Top Picks in no particular order:

Insidious (About a demon trying to posses young boy)
Drag me to Hell (My favourite supernatural film about a curse)
The Evil Dead (2013 Remake) (Everything a horror film needs - it literally rains blood!)
A Quiet Place (Probably the best overall film of the bunch)
Hereditary (It’s just hilariously wrong, but good)

If you really want a shock (but seriously, I mean don’t watch these - I’m not even summing them up):

A Serbian Movie
Human Centipede

And if you haven’t seen these classics then they are a must (no comments required, timeless):

The Shining
The Exorcist