What is the best horror movie to watch


I know this is off topic but I have been watching horror movies latly and none of them are as good as you think. Sooo… Can u help me out and post a scary horror movie that scared you


Hey Lunicorn,

I love horrors, though I’m not one to get scared easy. I can recommend a few of my favourites:

My Top Picks in no particular order:

Insidious (About a demon trying to posses young boy)
Drag me to Hell (My favourite supernatural film about a curse)
The Evil Dead (2013 Remake) (Everything a horror film needs - it literally rains blood!)
A Quiet Place (Probably the best overall film of the bunch)
Hereditary (It’s just hilariously wrong, but good)

If you really want a shock (but seriously, I mean don’t watch these - I’m not even summing them up):

A Serbian Film
Human Centipede

And if you haven’t seen these classics then they are a must (no comments required, timeless):

The Shining
The Exorcist



Thank You Zero :),

Yes I have seen Insidious and wasnt that scary byt I havent seen some of them I will be sure to look
into them thanks for the advice

(also i am like u i dont get scared eaisly)


A serbian film or human centipede are for syre the best ones out of them :joy: i generally dont get scared except for jumpscares :joy: idk why but they get me every time


I think it is difficult to be scared if you are good with horror movies. For me it’s the ones that make you think. It may not necessarily be scary to watch but it could be a scary thing to think about if it happened. Fear is subjective and a film will effect people differently depending on what kind of mind they have.

“A quiet place” for example - very tense film indeed since an apocalypse could really happen… in this one an alien life form has wiped out most human population. These aliens are blind but have incredible hearing and can hunt you from miles away by the sound of just a pin dropping. A story about one family who have been trying to survive amongst them silently for some time… Their children will never enjoy the life we had which makes you think how lucky we are. It’s definitely a scary thought to live each day in fear and the film does an excellent job of portraying this.


You’re sick Line! <3

I only watched them because of the hype. If a film has been banned in several countries it is tempting to see why and boy does A Serbian Film deliver! (Human Centipede imo was just funny) Over 18s only though please and don’t say I didn’t warn you, females especially - you will not want to watch this…

Everybody go watch A Quiet Place!


I have seen a quiet place!! And yes thx for the (females especially) part


and we wil never talk about those other two movies again


A serbian film instead of getting me chills,there were scenes which made me laugh so bad and parts very disturbing :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:



‘‘The house that jack built’’ by Lars von Trier

it’s psycho, fun, gore, poetic…

Enjoy ! :smile:


Yea, there is def a reason why it is banned in many countries as @Zero said :joy: it’s really not something for everyone. Not necessarily scary but this movie is just a big mess and will affect you if you are not ready for it.