What is teaming and when are you bullying?


Haven’t posted in a while (I think the last time I posted was one of the many times I quit then didn’t :roll_eyes:)

Anyway, there’s 2 key words I see getting thrown around a lot. “Bully” and “Teamer” - I’d like to share my view on both and ask you guys your opinion on what you think defines them.

Bully - Yes! All the time I get called a bully and I’m sure you do too. An example was a recent match I had where 4 players died and it was me and one remaining curver who was a fairly low rank. I must have hit him about 6 times, everytime he tried to turn around I fired another fever. I must have cashed in 130 points or so that round. I won the and match someone spectating claimed I was “bullying him” even though I was just playing the game, I wasn’t spamming emojis or gloating in chat, I was just playing the game fairly to the best of my ability until the very end.

My view has always has been that this is a free for all deathmatch and that means you survive, steal and kill to win with no remorse. There are no rules except those that involve chat abuse and account boosting. However it seems to be popular belief that being greedy or stealing when you don’t need to or taking from last place or someone that is a lower rank is classed as “bullying” and I’d like to respond to that with a reminder that this is a FFA competetive RANKED deathmatch, If you don’t want to get wrecked by someone of a higher level I suggest you take your game to customs or find rooms with players your own rank, we have all been there.

However, there is a part of me that understands that in order for one person to win, someone has to lose. Some poor person is on their computer somewhere in the world feeling terrible after being wrecked. (I personally handle losing pretty well, you have to fail in order to improve) I always think you should give a GG or a WP where it’s due and to not boast or get salty over the game. So what’s the deal guys, which side of the fence are you on - “the guys had enough, stop the fight!” or “don’t hold back just play to win no matter what!”

Teamer - All the time you probably hear people claiming there are teamers in the room because they got hit twice by 2 different players who don’t seem to be focusing each other at that moment. Personally I classify teaming as a group of players who plot to attack others or feed each other in order to get 1st and 2nd place. They might have a private chat in discord and target certain players - I agree this is teaming and it’s pretty obvious when it’s happening. But people accuse me of teaming all the time even though I am just playing the game - I think people need to be reminded there is an element of randomness and coincidence in the game, many times there will be scenarios where it seems like its everyone versus you but part of getting good at curvefever pro is being able to handle yourself when this happens. Genuine teaming is actually quite rare and likely when it happens it will be noticed and both accounts will be banned as it’s a form of boosting.

I know it’s just a game and believe me I don’t give it as much thought as you might think but as you guys know by now I like to start these conversations from time to time because it is interesting to see how peoples opinions differ.

Bonus topic - Griefing! - So recently more players (myself included) have been reporting players who deliberately suicide on others usually with double speed. Whilst on one hand I think this is not cool if your motive is not to win but just to stop someone else from winning (basically trolling) I also think that part of being good at curvefever pro is also dealing with guys like this. Whether or not it is an offense to play this way I guess is irrelevant if you take the perspective that you should be able to handle yourself against players trying to kill you - so if they want to waste their time and rank trying, let them.

In other words, it’s dog eat dog in the world of competetive gaming, it’s survival of the fittest - as long as you don’t cheat, are nice to others, don’t react to those that aren’t nice to you, are able to hold back the salt and give someone a WP when they deserve it - that is my opinion of a good player. You may be hated by players just because you are simply good at the game, but don’t let that stop you from logging in and kicking some ass, guilt free.

Your thoughts?



I mostly agree with you. I guess the reason you’re often accused of teaming is because for double fever players it’s pretty efficient tactics to spam just the closest or most vulnerable player rather than attacking the leader. That seems to be suspicious or unfair for other players sometimes because they’re just emotionally reacting or don’t understand well the possible game strategies.

There’re questionable things though. Like focusing one player only all the time (especially with something like speed+dash). That’s true that to win you should be able to handle any kinds of attack. But constant focusing is kind of annoying and I don’t appreciate that much. It’s not against rules, but that’s against fair play I think. I would be glad to play in community which supports fair play principles.

Also I’m curious what you think about “micro-teaming”. Like sandwiching: no one makes a chat to decide this in advance but people just see a situation for micro-teaming for 3-4 seconds. Is it fine in your opinion?


Thanks @NICK. Yes I agree about the constant focusing. It’s honestly not something I do except on very rare occasions where the person is being a real troll in chat, perhaps they are being racist or hurtful and deserve it so I might give them a little extra attention but only for long enough to silence them. I think if someone wants to focus one person for the whole match, as unproductive or malicious as it might seem - it isn’t against the current rules. Even though it’s something most of us choose not to do. Because when it happens It can be very frustrating indeed and like yourself, I don’t appreciate it either. I just try to hold back the salt and accept that they got the better of me more than once and try to adapt quickly - I might change my combo in the next match to something more passive aggressive like dash and trigger and try to bait them into a trap. So yes, I agree that it isn’t fair play but at the same time what can we do?

As for “micro-teaming” - Sure I think it’s OK to use that position to your advantage without it being classed as teaming because it wasn’t planned. It’s just a series of bad decisions/bad luck on the victims part and a coincidental opportunity for the others. I actually see it as an opportunity when it happens to me, as I get a chance to land a double hit on the 2 in question, but that’s not something you can do with all combos…

But if the 2 players sandwiching are planning these attacks on other players together, then yes it’s teaming. Speaking from experience though, I have never planned to be in that situation when it happens, so I presume they also didn’t plan it when it happens to me. I’m just out of luck and I wouldn’t say it warrants the “teaming” label. However I can understand why engaging in a sandwich can be perceived as a team effort. With that said though, when I am in a situation where I could sandwich someone else, I’m more interested in getting away from it and keeping the player alive. They are worth more to us alive most of the time since we can’t collect from them when they’re dead!

Someone mentioned to me an old system there used to be where there wasn’t really any focusing because points were rewarded based on skills like cutoffs etc. I wouldn’t object to a fair play system like this again where you are rewarded for things like near misses, tight curves and holes etc rather than being rewarded for stealing. I think it would really make people think more about their strategies and make for a more passive game, which could result in less trolls and less salt, that’s not a bad thing at all!


Bully - Yup, nobrainer. But sometimes when one is loosing, one will start blabbering stuff like that. Don’t overrate it ;-).

Teamer - Couldn’t agree more. Two mates and I are playing together being in the same room very often. And I can say, that we don’t team in that narrow sense. But I sometimes catch myself avoiding one or the other at the beginning of the match. And sometimes, if we are loosing, we focus on the leader of course. But real teaming is much more, I think. Especially when one of our mates is ALWAYS (WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE) attacking me being in 4th place, rather than the leader, whom I’m most likely after :stuck_out_tongue:.


Lol, I sometimes I find I am spawning next to the same poor dude thats in 4th place. I think sometimes who you spawn next to effects encounters unless you are going out of your way to get someone else.


Yes, the people who say u r "bullying them are usually the ones loosing. If u dont want to keep taking fevers than u can SUI. pretty simple if u ask me. Teaming is a rare instance where 2 or more players try to make themselves 1st or 2nd.
However, most players in the game who are first atm and then in the last round they lose 30 points due to multiple players; they think that they are being teamed, which they are not.
As for targeting… :crazy_face:


That is true! Yeah, those last rounds can be tough, it’s just everyone going for first though which isn’t really teaming. With targeting I think it’s just as hard for the aggressive player. After a little bit it does kinda get to you that you are taking others rank. That’s why I enjoy playing passive sometimes. I have little challenges I set myself sometimes like only attacking those that hit me first. Or waiting until the last round to start attacking. It does feel nicer afterwards when you play nicer, even if you don’t win.

But then someone comes and bites me in the ass and I equip the spam again xD


In fact some of my favorite times playing were doing winner picks or kill the king in an unranked room. Everyone has a good time and no one has to feel bad after :slight_smile:


Kill the king :heart:


What’s kill the king?


Oh, that’s a made up gamemode for customs. It’s made by unknown genies who’s said to be one of the best players in the game (ever!).

The gamemode is played 1 vs 5/4/3 players. “The King” (the person who’s fighting the group) picks the powerups who’s he going to use (usually two powerups). He also chooses the powerups for the rest (usually one powerup).
The King has to beat everyone while the rest team up against him. If The King wins the match, he stays on his throne. If he loses, whoever has won is the next king.


That sounds like an interesting mode to play.


Yes, I played it back in the day and it was really fun mode to play!


Then let’s play it sometime.


Sure, sounds like a plan for me.


Sounds fun! I’m definitely going to try that.


Also, worth noting that the players are not allowed to steal from each other in order to become next king. If the king dies during the round the players must survive only and all stealing is only from the king. Otherwise a player could just attack all his team mates and win when the king should have won! One of the frustrating parts of KTK is when new players join and dont know/obey the rules but if you have everyone on board it’s a lot of fun. Try to pick combos that balance well, such as one shot vs dash, or speed vs jump, dash/shield vs timebomb/zap etc. Let me know if you guys play I’m always up for a game :slight_smile: