What is good music to you

  • Fishy song
  • New song (no one knows)
  • Ali-A intro
  • Denis Intro
  • none
  • 80’s music
  • Micheal Jackson
  • Elvis
  • Dinousaur train theme song
  • calliou theme song

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dinosaur train or Caillou all the way!


great minds think alike rob!


I was around when the first dinosaur train came out…feels weird to say that.:rofl:


old boi


Fishy song rules


What is good music to you?

Me: Any music that is not Hip Hop.


so things like jazz the blues, and techno you like?:rofl:


Sure. :+1:


most yt intros are trash but there are a few good ones


Lol ye exmpl : dorami’s intro


pushed Dinosaur Train by accident
just letting you know


Favorite music

Me: Anything that doesn’t make me deaf (AKA Playing Ali-a theme tune at 100 volume on a load of speakers which has happened to me a lot)

That Simple


Yo giv me that alia intro theme ma boooooooooooi


I mean, it could be anything good to listen to basically: Meme music, Mega Man music, Sonic music, Michael Jackson, Smash Mouth,… you name it.



Ok i was joking here is my real fav:


Dave is my kind of music (clean version shown)


Just kidding I listen to music you won’t understand most likely


This is my music