What if we start to count 1round as well?(read only 2nd comment)


I’ll start it off briefly,usually 1st rounds is where pll can do whatever xd without being aware what’s happening in game,therefore i will suggest a new method to make all rounds matter…


Jajaj i reply to myself to avoid large paragraphs,well what i want is that in every single round we start with for example 200 points,then the outcome will be the sum of all rounds performances to determinate a fair winner…


I know the game is currently very enjoyable as it is,it’s just to give it more competitiveness,


Pls remove this topic if u consider it unnecesary or offensive,or just put together with some similar topic​:joy::joy:


I know i did a better strat to swallow this entire boring post


Ps.it wasnt that brief as i expect,i know there is some extent suggestions though


I personally do like the progression during a game (the more rounds it lasts, the more important the rounds are and the more exciting the game gets), it goes really well with the stealing mechanic. We did try different round scorings and stealing, and starting with fewer points and getting more over the rounds worked the best so far.


Yeah ,i do like too,im only saying that u can let being fed/shot in first round,and other rounds are kinda uneven since in last rounds we have to deal with defending and playing carefully to not lose for example 240 gotten points


Also i know the current game span it’s ok bc thus we know the player we gonna target on,i just wanted a gamemode where every round count equally


Sry for insisting But the current gamemode is kind of like if in football we were playing 2+ hours and the A team is winning 7-1,then in the last minute we decide that the one who scores the next goal wins😉,this is my point


Kinda true xD but I wouldn’t change it, it is fine as it is