What happened to Ship Switching?



Title says it all, in earlier renditions of CFP [before skins were added], you were given free ship selection to choose the preferred ship you wanted to display as. Where did that go, devs?


It would be too much work to make each skin compatible with every ship.
It also makes the skins more valuable because you get a unique ship for each skin. :blush:


I think it would be fun to be able to choose what color we want, No only with special colors


Great idea like the old cf3


yes it would be very cool but the thing is there should be like oh red is already has a chck mark on it so you cant be it.


Um the skins could be separate ships. For new players, the ship assignments would be confusing as well, as new ships could show progression. it would be awesome to reintroduce ships, and make skins just separate ships.


Just because i like the way this conversation is bringing many people in, i think it’d be appropriate to move this to General.

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