What games do you play?


Hey guys! Just interested what games do you currently play other than Curve Fever Pro?
Um I guess I have to start with myself:
On PC:
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Prypiat (I’m replaying it over and over again)
Warcraft III Frozen Throne (I’m a big fan of it from my childhood and I like to play it sometimes to feel nostalgic)
The Witcher
D.O.T.A 2
Also I’m a fan of old Shrek and Harry Potter games
Collection of Rusty Lake (all of them)
Dad’s Monster House (from the Isoland developers)
Fran Bow (all chapters)
Tiny Thief (logic game but really funny)
These are really awesome!
Portal (flash)
Sometimes Zuma (when I’m extra bored)
Chess (extra sometimes but I like to play with people not with bots)
Sudoku (the only modern sudoku I found)




I play agar.io.