What do you hate in this game?


What do you hate in this game?
I hate when I join a match with only one player which is the host and the host leaves. Also i hate this:
When i am in the 1st or 2nd place, i was expecting a reward. But instead Curve fever pro said “Waiting for your results…”.
When i am in the last place, curve fever pro just steals wins from me.


I hate the super uncool pickups, lag, and that stupid glitch which makes everyones lines disappear and makes u air death.


@Begon Oh. Thankfully i don’t get the glitch you talked about


I hate when lag with I can’t play


I hate everyone who plays it


ooo dark @MangaFukidashi
i hate when u start flashing and then u just randomly die


lol @therealIDONTKNOW


I hate the lag i am losing too many trophies because of lag.


I’m too




I hate this too…


Yea airdeath is pretty annoying


I hate that this topic has to be so negative. The game lags a lot and is kinda buggy, but I just think it’s annoying. I don’t hate the game >:D


I hate lags.
I hate adverts.
I hate airdeaths.
I hate waiting more than 30s in a matchmaking queue.
I hate when there are ghosts and zappers and lasers in the same game.
I hate knowing that Hidden Monster Games is bankrupted with no more dev team and no hope of evolution of all the things I hate above.

Cheers! :partying_face:


I hate how the ranking and distribution of trophies work.


I hate when if you win in a match you get +1, but if you lose you get -16


I hate the games where I don´t lag and win anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hate silver ranked players that spam noob at you and use zap, but u still beat them and they kick you after you win


bronze do that too


I hate that i lost paper… Bronze 4… sucks,… I also hate when you glitch out of the boundries… thats actully a benifit