What do I have to do to get good frames



how can i get good frames without having to turn all of the extra setting off? I’m not playing full screen, my resolution is at the lowest, anti-aliasing is off, particles are off, and shadows are off. Ping is through the damn roof and the frames can be a consistent 50 its always some bullsh* 10 fps. I want to play ranked but am afraid too bc i will probably lose because of the lag. I keep losing 30 trophies back to back because my ship keeps teleporting into walls or i can’t get through holes. What the f do i have do i have to do


geta better computer or better wifi


well yeah ive don that


oh well then try clearing the cache on ur browser
also firefox is better for curve


dude i play on firefox


i just want good frames without having to sck d*ck


lol ikr


did you try clearing the browser cache


in setting go to clear history and select ONLY cahed files and images