What are the leagues


So sorry for posting so much… Btw is there a limit??
But anyway my friend said there is a nocturno league and I didn’t believe him. Ik there is bronze silver gold and diamond but I don’t know the rest please tell me and send me a screenshot so I know in game or just give me a description thanks!


Well under bronze is paper league And over diamond is master league
there are also grandmaster, which are top 100


Woah paper what the frick so grandmaster is after master… Also what are the colors


colors determinates how good are u playing ,the leagues starts as follows
paper (white) =500 trophies
bronze ( orange) =750 trophies ( everybody start from here)
silver (gray)=1000 trophies
gold (yellow)= 1250 trophies
diamond (green)=1500 trophies
master (purple)= 1750 trophies
grandmaster (red) = best 100 players (regardless the amount of gotten trophies)
P.S.sadly u were tricked by your “friend”


Less than 600 is paper (white) , 600 to 899 is bronze, 900 to 1199 is silver, 1200 to 1499 is gold, 1500 to 1799 is diamond, 1800+ is master (purple) , and top 100 (currently 1802-5+) is grandmaster with the red.


Top 100 is based on what though like I don’t get it


My friend isnt that smart so yeah


Grandmaster are the 100 best player of the game, so it do not work like other league, u can be grandmaster at master or even at depend
for example, i am a grandmaster but i still in master

i know im not clear at all xd


You get trophies/rank every game (or lose some) the players having the highest rank are grandmasters (red) only the top 100… if you are #101 then you wont be a grandmaster but your league will depend on the rank you have (1800+ = master for example)


So how would you know the minimum trophies to get into gm?


To know your current ranking ,u must go to the curve fever discord server and type some commands,thats the only way to know your own rank/status,once u enter there ask for help to our lovely community :blue_heart::blue_heart:. The only thing u must know is top 100 are literally top/best 100(dont matter which league they are)


Dang I play on school Chromebook so I can’t check… This is unblocked but not discord