What are some of the worst/useless/annoying module combos you can play with?



In this topic, think about the some of the worst or useless (or both) modules combos you can use in-game! I will also keep track of them as well! ANNOYING IS ADDED NOW!!!

For example: Speed Burst and Brake

Lets see what you can come up with! :smiley:

Combinations From Others!

@nobody created: “t h i c c and Thin”

@Property created: “Hide Self and Brake”

@hohoho created: “Nothing and Nothing” (The smartest one!)

@hundatze created: “Zap and Speedy/Speed Burst”

@Samz created: “Reverse and Speedy”

@Ottonline created: “Speedy and Speed Burst”

@Line created: “Reverse with basically anything!”

@Stardust-12217411 created: “Double Shot and Multi Shot”

@Soapman created: “Laser and Angle Turns”

@sample created: " and "

@sample created: " and "

@sample created: " and "

Oh, and here’s some Nyan Cats!

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Oh, and this is my first time making a topic! :upside_down_face:


t h i c c and thin


oof that’s pretty b a d


hide self and brakes
don’t hit the brakes, you can hit the bricks.


LOL That’s pretty go-I mean bad!


Nothing + nothing


zap and speed :innocent:


Oh yeah! I’m surprised I didn’t think of that! Good job! :+1:


Oh, god no…


Reverse and Speedy. :frowning:


Oof, that’s a harsh one, especially with both effects on you!


worst=nothing equipped
useless=(thi)ck/n xd
annoying=reverse-corner ( to yourself)
reverse-steerless ( to the rest)


mine and stealth mine on april fools balance change


worst: nothing-nothing
useless: brake-shield
annoying: reverse with basically anything OR speed-zap


Lol I got to finals of tours with some of these combos and can maintain gm with all of these (except nothing+nothing ) please do a better job of coming up with bad combos.


Thats the thing there is not really a bad combo :joy:


Idk curveblind seems fairly bad so curveblind + brakeI bet is BAAD.


You still survive long and get many points :joy: but i get what you mean :joy: although with some colors it is super weird


i have to say, speed and angle turns.


curveblind seems fairly bad

Dude, I often use Curve Blind with my vampire skin !
The vampire lines are almost invisible when you get hit.
(Okay I admit that I also often kill myself by being hit with my own Curve Blind but :sweat_smile:)