What about hiding our rank ingame


(This is my 1st topic ) I find kind of annoying whenever a random hateful gamer goes every rounds into me ,thats frustrating af ,would be less unfair this measure despite our names are known already



I’d appreciate this, but only in unranked custom games (I often get kicked “because I’m gold”).


I’m getting kicked by silvel players because i’m :gm: :frowning:


i just cannot do my crates in costum cuz im :gm: :four: :


Dusara said all top players were injured with this turret bug,0 problems in an alt accouny


This keeps effing happening to me and it drives me mad. I’m not even leading in the game, I’m like 4th on the list and just because I’m gm I am being focused a lot.

Can we add a feature where we can hide rank to prevent people teaming up on you just because you are “high” rank? It’s annoying as hell.


Silver and GM should not play in the same game first of all, I think only gold should play VS GM. Hiding rank is NOT a good idea because this game is all about RANK! Secondly, if you are GM you should be able to handle if people target you. Many times when I am at the top I get targeted a lot, it’s frustrating but also instead of making the game easier, we should get better at it. You don’t make mountains smaller, you develop and get past them.


Bla bla, bs.

No, nobody deserves to be teamed up on, unless you are leading. If you’re GM and people team up on you for that sole reason, then it’s not FFA then anymore. It temporarily becomes a team game. No, the game is not all about rank, are you high? Hiding rank from others shouldn’t determine who you play with, it’s just a question about a visual feature. Cause it’s unfair when a GM, who’s like 4th on the list with low points is focused by the entire lobby. You didn’t understand a word of what I wrote if you formed that ridiculous opinion.



Yooo my friend says that all the time :joy::joy:


It depends on what you are calling ‘unfair’. True, it is unfair from the definition that every single player should have the exact same chance to win ignoring skill. But, if you don’t ignore skill in the definition, than this way is certainly more fair, since it makes everyone’s chance to win more even.
The first definition, which you are using, is better from the point of view of trying to determine who the best in a single game is, or trying to give accurate measurements of skill. That said, the way it’s done isn’t horrible - on average, your rank should be accurate since all high-ranked people are targeted as they play.
The second definition, in my opinion, is more fun, since it gives more struggle to players. I think that in a multiplayer game, it’s more important that games are close than it is that games are fair. Close games are usually more exciting for everyone. Otherwise, people may rage quit or get bored since it’s too easy for them.
Most game developers aim for a maximally fun game rather than a maximally fair game, so I think that their choice is justified.


The problem here is that GM ranks are being matched with silver. I personally have seen many GM win easily even if people target them. I think you should simply become a better player. I myself am a diamond player and yes I do get targeted sometimes by gold players and yes it’s frustrating but also it makes the game a little harder but that is fair since I am playing against a lower rank. As I said though, I don’t think it’s good that GM play against silver, that’s just too far of a stretch.


Some gms play like silvers tho :joy: and some silvers play like gms. Hard to tell if the actual rank shows the skill level, but that is another discussion.

I think you are right gms and silvers in general are not a good match :stuck_out_tongue: