What about Corner?


My last Corner post did have some big unexpected consequences but I want to give it another try.

Corner in its current form is just useless to the majority of players. I myself have tried to get into corner but it’s just not worth it. At the moment Corner is almost exclusively played by old players that learned to play it before the nerf. I don’t know anyone that put his time into corner after the nerf. You could even make the argument that it a legacy power since it’s insanely difficult to learn atm and there is almost no reward. Why would you learn it anyway? Its only use is in the Laser corner combo.

I don’t want to say that corner is bad, not at all if you can play it well you can dominate lobbies but newer players will never be able to get to that level. With the last change corner not only did become significantly harder to use but also significantly harder to learn. Think about it, now a corner player needs to be able to play while it’s activated and to transition smoothly when it runs out. And the fact that it’s not permanent means that you get less practice with the power than you used to.

I myself tried to get into corner but at least in CFP, I couldn’t really do so. I did even turn to another game Curvecrash, where corner is way better implemented in my opinion, to learn it. Well, the result of that was, that I didn’t want to play the shitty CFP version anymore.

I still think there is a way to make corner useful for the whole community that’s not insanely OP like it used to be. First of all, I think it should be permanent just because it was like that for years and taking away someones one-trick power like this just is bad community management. This is even more important because corner skills cant be transferred to normal curving skills.

There are a lot of ways to get corner in line.

  • Balance it with disadvantages like with Laser (laser makes you slow and you cant steer). For example, corner could make you thick (not as big as thick fever) witch would make it harder to doge and you would occupy more space. That would make it harder to survive and doge infinitely witch was the biggest problem of perma corner.
  • Give it a minimum timer for 2 turns after another. Curvecrash has this mechanic already and it feels insanely good. If you press too fast you don’t crash in your own wall but rather make the perfect turn. This could also prevent hole sliding and cheating.
  • Reduce the defense value or even make it negative.

But there is another problem with corner. It’s the only method you can really cheat in this game. To address that, I would suggest preventing hole siding. Yea sure it’s a skilled mechanic but there is no player in the game atm that is using it. But I would do it by adjusting the hole hitbox so that I can’t be hit from the side. You have to keep in mind that hole sliding is hard for humans but can be exploited easily with cheats. Also, the minimum time to turn would make macros useless. If you can turn perfectly easily then there is no use for macros.

So my method would be:
Minimum turn time for 2 turns (which is bigger than a hole slide) and experimenting with thick as a disadvantage. If Thick doesn’t work try to mess with the defense.

Long post but was necessary and yea I get Rojoss is busy.

have a lovely day,


i stand with riomo


I do not stand with riomo I stand with the new and clearly greatest mod <3


holes slidings pog
also im bored and I already posted my I quit post so I’m just responding to randon other posts


Ye, i think maybe angle turns lasts 3 seconds with a 4 sec cool down and a bigger shield.
That way, you can use angle turns a bit more for quick escapes.