What about a training mode?



An idea I thought that would be cool which could help new players but also give experienced players something to do to hone their skills. Scenarios that when repeated will gain muscle memory so actually worth doing daily. It could be a series of basic challenges that get harder similar to the training mode found in other competetive games like Rocket League. It could be a difficult path to curve, avoiding fevers, a long jump to make or target practice for the various weapons. You could even integrate a mini high score leaderboard system…

Could this help the player base grow by giving new comers that leave after a few losses a place to go to train?

Would you use it as an experienced player, maybe to re-calibrate yourself after some bad games or to prepare for a tournament?


Not a bad idea! Could be something cool ^^ I’ll support this idea c:


Amazing idea! For those new players out there, let them play a training round before getting into those ranked games!


jason verschnitzer approves


Agree. At the least it would be nice to have “target dummies” to practice shots on or some sort of “maze” or obstacles to learn how to play the angle turns power. Right now the only way to really practice without losing rank is to start a custom game with yourself. While it’s OK for learning angle turns the only way to practice shots in this mode is to try and hit the corners of the walls.

Additional ideas: It would be cool to have a “raid” mode, possibly multiplayer for two or three players. This could be something like having an obstacle in the middle of the field and you have to hit it with side shot / one shot multiple times within a certain allotted amount of time that can get increasingly harder. We can also have powerless bots that don’t draw but fly towards us and “attack us” that we have to shoot before they hit us, kinda like space invader.


Completely disagree. Corner as well as shots are superbly trainable in costum mode. If you play with yourself you can easily create “a maze” as you called it and then try to escape it with corner (this is often called a box camp).

As for shots, there are many many random targets on the field already :wink: try shooting throught your own curves holes, if you manage to do that consistently you got some pretty good aim.

Still for aiming the best thing is unranked costums (if you care that much about rank) with a couple of other players.


I completely agree about heading to customs to practice, I find myself creating targets then aiming mines at them, or box camping. Though in competitive games a good training system could be invaluable.

For example in rocket league its used as a way to establish a players skill level (other than rank) lets say you’re not ready to join a pro team or begin learning a particular skill until you can consistently get 5 stars in some other training scenario of a particular difficulty. A lot of thought could go into the scenarios themselves, the difficulty curve and how it correlates to skill level within the actual ranks.

Hypothetically speaking GMs would obviously be able to achieve 5 stars in all the most difficult training scenarios but you could say to a gold player something like “you’ll be at the right skill level for diamond league when you can get 4 stars consistently in the gold training” and it gives the player a vision on how get good enough to advance :slight_smile: