Welcome to our New Moderators!



Hello CurveFever Community! I would like to make a couple of announcements regarding the Moderator team, and sadly it starts with saying goodbye to one of the most hard working moderators this community has ever seen, @big_aur :cry: Unfortunately, he is leaving his role as Assistant Tournament Moderator as he can no longer dedicate as much time (which was an awful lot) these days.

That being said, we are delighted to announce that @hohoho will take his place in assisting the Lead Tournament Moderator, @zuzi :partying_face:

We also welcome back a familiar face to the Moderator team, with @xThauron rejoining as a new community manager alongside @Gremlin :pentagon:

Please give the new moderators a nice welcome and don’t be shy to introduce yourselves to them, if you don’t already know them!

In the upcoming days we will have some news on future tournaments and competitions, so keep your eyes peeled!


my eyes are like a banana


Welcome back to the moderator team xThauron! Hope us two get along and work together!
Also welcome hohoho to the moderator team! I know you will do a good job replacing big_aur and assisting zuzi with tournaments!

Congratz! :partying_face:


Welcome new moderators!


Also Welcome Guys!


Congrats to the new moderators! Enjoy moderating!


Hello there again! I am glad to be here again and work with u guys!

@Gremlin sure our work together will be great :ok_hand:


I would like to thank everyone that was there for me…ik it aint gonna be easy being a mod but i will try my best!!! thx u @prabh


welcome to u all new moderators ,i hope the best to u all , see u soon in game,gl


thankfully im already friends with hohoho so nothing bad will happen with us and hello hybrid and thouron just saying hi


Hello @jjgod!
Hope you are well :slight_smile:
I am not a new moderator, been a moderator for 4-5 months already!
xThauron is the new moderator, well, he’s an old moderator that came back onto the team!


oh then have a good day and hi


HELLO NEW MODS. I AM LIZZIE DA LIZARD AND OR DUCK. I have been behaving lately, even tho i have been muted and banned so many times. But don’t worry im not as insane…:innocent: