Welcome The New Moderators!



Thank you to everyone who applied for the available Moderator positions without Curve Fever would cease to exist! It was a very strenuous choice and a very busy few days going through applications.

@Hybrid is your new community manager alongside @the_hashtag and @prabh

For Tournaments we have decided to change up the structure introducing 2 Tournament Moderators:

@zuzi and @big_aur

In the following days there will be more information on future Tournaments and Special Events!

In the meantime feel free to introduce yourselves!

Congratulations to the new Moderators! :partying_face:


Congratulations to new moderators! The community will have very strong and efficient team for tournaments with those tournament moderators.

Gremlin, I am sure, you will be the best moderator this game has ever seen! Keep the good work up! Cheers!



I am Ivan Diep from England, United Kingdom. (Forum: Hybrid, in-game: Gremlin)
I am happy to work alongside the moderator team and will help anyone.
If you have any questions or would like to talk, my Discord is: Reiner Braun#9040, or you can private message me in-game (add me: Gremlin).


way to go guys, and best of luck :grinning:

other events than tournaments? :hushed:


Congrats & good luck!


Congrats to all the mods,and zuzi great to see you succeed just dont get me ban lmfao




Congratz to the new mods. Especially gremlin. Congratz bro


congrats to new moderators, good luck


omg yesss, @zuzi and @big_aur are gonna be the best tour mods! definitely looking forward to it ;D


I hear some sarcasm :face_with_monocle:


Great news all around :heart: … congrats gremlin (@Hybrid) im certain you are going to do great. I am very happy to hear that there are two tourmods now :heart_eyes:, especially since both have already some experience in hosting unofficial and official tours!

@big_aur und @zuzi rockt die hĂĽtte :joy:


no dude your tours are legit awesome, no sarcasm here <3

P.S.: you’re both German so I know you’re gonna do good (cos German people are good at everything)


Wow more events other than tours!
Can’t wait!
Congrats new moderators!
Hope they are going to be the best ones yet!


cool :+1:
hi @Hybrid @the_hashtag @prabh @zuzi @big_aur


Hello @vtata!


Nice job. Good luck… And just be yourself


I wouldn’t consider my self that responsible


Maybe the tours aren’t so awesome for you judging on the last one :joy: I hope they can keep it fair going forwards with some new champs hopefully arising :heart_eyes:


man these new mods don’t waste getting started. Already banned in the first 2 days of them moderating. great work guys! :banana: