Weird Thing


I noticed that all of my friends that had an account about a year ago now have 400 gems in their account. Including me, I bought a skin with it. Does anyone know why they got so many? I know that that they didn’t play the game that much.


For modules


wdym? They didn’t pay money for the gems.


@Alpha_X you spelled weird wrong





So back then you could upgrade your modules… and based on the stats they had you got gems if I remember it correctly


May be too because old accounts started up with 100-200 gems,as they progressed by leveling up their ship or buying modules,they got a extra gems boost,nowadays we get 10 gems per leveling up our xp tier


Ah, ok thanks


Before couldnt you get gems from crates?


U got like 1-4 gems per each 3-4 opened crate,and before from april 2018-june 2018 u got gems by finishing every match in the podium,1st=3 gems,2nd=2gems,3rd=1 gem(u got the already extinguished coins as well)


this gives old players an unfair advantage… it should be changed


Before It was a disadvantage ,because old players had many virtual coins and gems,after a big tweak,all powers were restablished to a same level for everyone,no longer tier gaps,nowadays we get a great cosmetic visual difference


ook idk im sorta new here so