Weird bug I found



I need help


Well if you are out of energy and out of gems then you need to wait until you get points out of a crate. Or play with other modules.


I have enough to use both the equipped powers, look.


They are both under the popup, but i think i know what you mean. On the right it shows that you have one energy left.

Lately i have seen this happen as well. If you un-equip them and reequip them you should be at 0… somehow it doesn’t count down correctly i guess


Happened to me too - wasted 15 energy gg -_-


Happened to me before, i just switch out my powers


Please keep sending screenshots if it happens, it helps us identify the issue a little easier.


There you go @Rojoss … i played a couple of games with multi and clockfever … after some games I made screenshot one …

Then I unequipped the modules and the score went from 46 to 43 without playing :joy: I guess you do not update the module score correctly after the game ends

This makes players believe they have enough points while they waste their energy :joy:

Unlimited uses of all unlocked powers for everyone!

This is what happened to me:


All you do is either Reload the page or just switch out both powers

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