I did a full 7 days’ worth of grinding. Here are the stats.
The week of glory

First day after I got my acc back: went from gold 4 to DIAMOND

Second day after I got my acc back: went from dIaMoNd to DIAMOND 2

Third day after I got my acc back: went frOm DiamOnd 2 to DiamOnd 4

Fourth Day: I got gm… I had 1781.

Fifth day: I had a bad day. 3 hours worth of grinding and I went from 1781 to 1774 xD

Sixth day: I went from 1774 to 1801 at the end of the day. I had 1820 as my top record for the day :’( but I kept playing and I ended up losing 25 to an arena full of 3 golds and 2 dias because 1 gold and 1 dia were fever spamming nonstop, and I was using angle laser RIP also they targeted me nonstop, then I managed to get 6 more then I stopped cuz I was bored and didn’t want to lose more

Seventh day: I had another sucky day. I went from 1803 to 1771 after 2 ½ hours worth of grinding :’(

Well, that’s my week of trophy pushing. My overall record was 1820 in that span of time, and I was like 47-44th in the world I think, when I had 1820. Eh. I could’ve definitely done the last 2 days better. (especially the last day)


oops 1781 xD47%20PM


on last day not 1771


Nice but you dont have to spam topics


I don’t grind, I just swap powers a lot. Idk if I would get gm if I didn’t swap powers and settled for just one combo.