Weak connection while next to the router?



Hello there

I keep getting lags due to a “weak internet connection” (see screens). The problem is that I don’t have a weak internet connection. I am sitting next to the router and even then I experience problems. Also, when I try to play on 4G, it does the same thing. I have had this now for a few weeks, it came from one day to the other, out of now where… I already lost 3 ranks… Sadly… Can someone help me?



Can anyone help me pls? It is not getting better!


Plug a cable from the router to your Device.


When on wifi its not really possible to have stable connection… Use ethernet cable from router like Rypherio said,
or if you use mobile internet then use USB tethering (you connect phone to ur pc via usb and turn on usb tethering on phone). I use usb tethering and it works great! no lag spikes at all :slight_smile:


I ve done this, it is still lagging…


I ve tried this, still lagging…