We Want New Powers



I’m going to cut to the chase, like many users I also come from Cuver Ferver 2 and Cuver Fever 3 (He died in Peace) and we want to see new powers or old powers of CF2 like the cheese that you split in several parts.


Changed your post to a feedback one, like that you can vote on the top left!

I think one or 2 additional powers would be cool indeed. Especially since after you unlock lasr being the currently highest ranked module, you don’t get anything from gaining additional XP! That is super sad imo. Why would you make XP lvl until 40 if you can only get stuff to 27 :joy:


I know modules are not perfectly balanced even now, but I support you in idea to have a couple of new ones. I don’t think one new fever+one new shot or def module would destroy everything. And the absence of progress after 25th level just confirms that something new is necessary :wink:


I have an idea for a fever :stuck_out_tongue:

What about a fever which shakes your screen? You can test what I mean by clicking F11 all the time while you are playing in a match (it’s actually funny :smile:).


Hmm I will definitely try that @theangelov :joy::joy::joy:


What about a “pUrE aIDs” fever which applies every fever effect on you at the same time then causes your screen to blackout for a second before you realise that you have left the match and your computer is smoking?


The F11 thing is horrible @theangelov :joy::joy::joy:


I’m happy to hear that :smile:


Its will be very funny fever :rofl: