We need MORE of this... Get Online Kids



So I have been taking screenshots from the past month or two including the Curve Fever Pro Forum members. I wanted this to be a mini-contest thing (I like contests) where you post screenshots of moments that the community members are online most. here are some of the screenys from the past two months… I even just got one from while I am typing this :joy: lolz
Whoever has the screenshot with the most people online wins, but :peach: there is a twist.
Random members have different points, I have One and Lichenmoss will have two if your screenshot has both of us then you have three points. Any questions? Message me!
Here are the community members and points they hold…

  • daRealPig 1

  • Memedroid 2

  • therealDONTKNOW 3

  • Lichenmoss 1

  • hohoho 5

  • NICK 3

  • Slops 1

  • Rypherio 4

  • zon 2

  • Latios 3

  • Creepy 5

  • prabh 4

  • mostafa 5

  • Rojoss 4

  • Leaf 5

  • nib 2

  • Maya 5

  • GREECE 3

  • alpha 4

  • Seth 1

  • Zero 5

  • Liz2Real 2

  • SHEEP 2

  • Panda

  • aron123

  • QuickV

sorry, this is long, more being added soon! :cfp:


It will become longer! also here are some of my screenshots!



Do I win?


I think you have a good chance


@daRealPig forgot to mention the special privilege for the users with “Leader” badge. Their points would be multiplied by 10 :blush:


I totally agree! :heart:




how bout zero and alpha?


I still lead though


WOW thats a lot of theangelovs man people like multiplying your account.


what the flip




I check the forum once a day lol, how do I have 5/5 :joy:



what are u guys doing with ur lives :man_facepalming:




bruh fr :laughing:


Dang this got attention quick, now to answer any questions and crap
also new rule no hacking
@Latios I will add them now.
also, why are people doing only five? you can do 20 people if there are that many people online.
@seth we are being humans


I wanted to make another quick announcement!
Hellow Guys I wanted to say for if you did not know already @hohoho won this contest the next one will come out in 2-7 weeks! also if you would like to see the heats they have been planed out, more people can be added! Heats!
DM me if you would like to be added but, there are two things you need to do so that you can view the heats…
First: Request to view the Heats (spreadsheets)
Second: DM or Message me that you would like to be added (if you don’t want to be added don’t do step 2)
Third: Subscribe to my youtube channel for many reasons, I will be posting on my channel about the contest and going over it, I need more subs and, it makes everything easier!
Subscribe Here! if you want to join my discord here it is (youtube discord) Discord Join
Sorry for the long text. :cfp:
I just copyed and pasted that btw


5? cuz there were only 5 ppl online and maybe add a rule where yourself doesn’t count?