Was my name really that offensive? let me know what YOU think


So yeah. I had a username. It was PetYourMother.

It was a wordplay on a movie title “How I Met Your Mother” but since that was too long of a name I shortened it down a bit.

Today i was forced to change my name due to someone finding it inappropriate… so what do you think?

Personally I have seen several usernames that are way more offensive but maybe that’s just me.

I play this game a lot and find it somewhat disturbing how i don’t even get an explanation in this situation.

If I somehow broke the rules i would love for someone to elaborate on just how i did that.

Cause i seriously fail to see the problem…

EDIT: I played 989 matches through the course of six months.


lol they did what? xD

I see no inappropriate words in that username. I can imagine inappropriate interpretations though.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” as someone said.