WANTED! Pacuchogol



This scum and outlaw has been mocking the entire community too long,

It’s time for all the baunty hunters to step in:

I hereby declare that anyone who brings me his scalp (4-6th place) will be rewarded with forum likes or discord cookies.


i’m on it sir


what a legend

you are being a sissy yourself for complaining tbh


Frankly, I can’t see a single word of complaint here.


You can rely on my Stellan. He is living his last days as a gm. :ship:


On it sir.


Just a reminder, the fugitive has been spotted in town:

The bounty is still set on his head - shoot at sight

So he is wounded, but still dengerous!


Eagle has landed, I repeat:


The fugitive has left his hideout and thinks he’s above the law!



what if Pacuchogol, was Pacuchogowl?!?!




Pacuchogol : “tf i’m saying”

We all know that tf means “the f*ck”. The second word is a curse one. We are in a game with 13yo boys here.
He should be banned for saying that. Some candid minds could be shocked.
He definitly breaks all laws. We have to stop him. NOW.


Shot and raged :joy:


After seeing this topic I realized that Pacuchogol is a living legend.


Pacucho already arrived to the discord server :scream: