Want to talk about anime?



my fav is demon slayer what’s yours




My favorite are My Hero Academia / Seven Deadly Sins


hm… im all about the isekai genre and naruto, kimetsu no yaiba is gud tho, boku no hero is a bit overrated but still good


:smiley: have you watched damachi or sao?


i have watched sao, finished the first season less than 2 days


I am currently watching irregular at magic high school or smth, dungeon, inuyasha, our last crusade or the rise of a new world, and by the grace of the gods.

I’m waiting for… That time I got reincarnated as a slime s2, the rising shield hero s2, dr. stone s2


don’t like sds causes of the fan service


dr.stone is really good


forgot to say overlord… damn, i think i finished all 3 seasons in one or two days


If you don’t like 7 deadly sins your not gonna like Highschool DxD the plots hits different tho




btw have you watch demon slayer yet


yes, waiting on mugen train movie, cant wait!


Pfft, mortals, all these animes are nothing compared to my favorite. (Just kidding)
I’m into isekai, fantasy and mystery animes. My favorite one is Erased.

There is nothing overrated about this anime. Mostly everything about the anime is top-notch.

I just finished danmachi 2 after so many watches of the first season. Sao is one of my favorite isekei animes.

It was a good one…

I’m waiting too!

I liked the first season, but after that, it wasn’t as good as before.

I did watch the first season, but not the rest yet. Highschool DxD??!?!? Are you kidding :joy: ? It has so much ecchi that it could be considered as adult anime (cough).




Of course. First time I (tried to) watch it, I wasn’t in the mood, so I dropped it. The second time, I was watching with a friend and we were having so much fun watching it.


Do you guys have animeplanet or myanimelist accounts? I would like to see what you’ve watched so far.
If you would like to see my list with watched animes, here it is: https://www.anime-planet.com/users/theangelov




don’t have one and to lazy to make one