Waiting queue



I feel like the waiting times are getting a bit out of hand lately. Around noon, I was waiting for the game to start and the counter went up to 261. Meanwhile, 5 or 6 other games started with mostly silver players. I don’t get matched up against these players due to the matchmaking system I suppose, however in the end I also got matched up against silvers and bronze players.

I think the matchmaking system is a good thing to have decent games versus similarly ranked people. However, this sometimes leads to very long waiting queues (to my experience at least).

Is it possible to make the matchmaking less strict when there are less players online in order to reduce the waiting time?

Best regards,
calm down boy


Hmm…there have been very few people lately in general…


Yeah, the amount of players has gone down. As a low gold player, many times I wait up to 100. When I play with my paper account(Lowest rank possible) I sometimes wait 500 seconds. The game has lost players, so that’s why wait times as become jacked up:(


I know, only 40-45 people! Hopefully the devs take notice and do something after they come back from the holiday break.