Visual bug, showing crate slots empty when they are full



Won crate doesn't appear (before F5)

Had the same thing happen to me, reload the page and it fixes itself


This happens when, at the end of a game, you click “next” too fast before waiting for the crate animation to finish.


Let say you have 3/4 crates. You play a game. You win, or not, but you obtain a crate. Sometimes, the GUI is still displaying you have 3/4 crates. If you press F5, the game reload, and then, it is ok with 4/4 crates. This bug exists for months. Not only on the last crate. Sometimes it is when you are 1/4 or 2/4. I saw this bug on Chrome and Firefox.


Happens when you click new game too quickly before the whole animation of the crate is displayed.


Lol all i do is relog bc i know how many crate games i got


It is not a serious bug. Just a small one. And it is there for months.
I think that devs can correct that in 5 minutes. Just a better refresh to code.
Just do it! Go go go! :partying_face:


We just fixed homing missile, next bug fix is scheduled for 1st of May 2020.


Curvefever development was never this fast. Dont tease us :wink:


Me too


As far as I’m concerned this is not an issue restricted to crates, but some kind of caching issue, or similar? Because when it happens, the game also does not show up in “match history” until a refresh.


I think the problem is that the crate is only added after the animations finish playing, so if you click Next before that you might not see the crate on your client (but on the server you have it).


What if i start playing on steam,do visual bugs will not longer be affected?,one guy asked me yesterday why it shows me 250 players online when there were only 3 in matchmaking,i’d like mainly both crate bug and wrong players on it’s solved😉


Steam release will be very similar to the browser one, so most likely it will have the same bugs.

It shows 250 online and 3 in matchmaking, because the other 247 are either playing or just AFK in the menu. Players usually stay very little in matchmaking as it’s pretty fast, very rarely you see over 15 players in matchmaking without them being matched.


Yeah,its so weird to watch 250+ online whenever i went to see some custom matches (it was at 6am amsterdam time)and there weren’t enough active players to match with those 250+,like u just said they prolly are afk


This bug should have been fixed with latest updates, let us know if it happens again.