[VIDEO] 12217411's Tournament 4.08



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgu2qTnvAxc&feature=youtu.be Have a nice watching! Leave a like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video.



Thanks for the vid! :wink:


interesting Music Choice.

thanks for the video; now I can be reminded that I disconnected.


oh, i still got 2nd place though? hahahaha too funny.


Very nice video and nice music! :smiley:


Thanks, first track is from Arctic Monkeys - well known rock band, second one is a cover version of hit of 80’ (House of Love-Shine On), third track is a part of soundtrack of TV series called ‘‘Lucifer’’, last song is well known too (Alan Walker’s hit)


tied 2nd :wink: But I dont deserve this place. I did only 3 kills in whole tournament :joy:


Well I should of been dead last for disconnecting; not 2nd. I mean, I basically got no points the entire third round.


such a good tourney guys,i enjoyed it a lot ,thought robt left cause of out of time,thank stardust for hosting,thanks dreams and alpha for recording and thx ff for uploading ,thx hoho 4 winning LOL .i was too thankful,nothing but the GG