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Hello Curvefever.pro Enthusiasts,

I hope you’re all doing well.

The most recent update(1.5.0) had a start that wasn’t quite the best. Largely outrage issued from the community. However, as things are now settling down, it’s easier to see that not everything was really that bad.

The developers suffused copious amounts of effort into bringing this update to reality. Their goal was to make the game more social, competitive, and fair.

And for the most part, I’d agree that they succeeded. After the first day for the update, the numbers in Quick Play remained relatively low in comparison to their prior numbers. However, the quantities of queued players bloomed effervescently in the one to two days following that.

I’ll summarize my opinions on the several facets of this update below:

The positive aspects include:

  1. You can now level up faster.

  2. The game is now fairer for new players.

  3. Overall, the game has simpler mechanics.

  4. The game is no longer pay-to-win.

  5. There is much anticipation for upcoming updates, including customizations, which have been formally announced, as well as the possibility of a Team Mode and a Leaderboard.

  6. A much more colorful and vibrant menagerie of powers/modules.

  7. Most powers are well-balanced.

  8. Developers are looking into how to fix rankboosting.

  9. The daily switching powers encourages diversity.

Nevertheless, there are some negative aspects to consider as well:

  1. Noticeably more lag.

  2. Removing coins and upgrades was not well-handled, considering that players invested money and time to gain upgrades and such. This was likely largely responsible for the preliminary outburst from the community.

  3. Certain aspects can be confusing.

  4. A few powers are arguably not well balanced and stand out as too feeble or perhaps too overpowered.

  5. Gems are difficult for high-level players to attain through crates.

  6. Another core aspect of the game being altered so drastically resulted in widespread dissappointment, largely among older players.

  7. We are limited to only 3 powers, which could arguably be negative in certain aspects.

  8. It’s difficult to measure the statistics of modules at a glance.

Of course, the developers likely reconsidered the update several times before saying, “Yeah, let’s do this,” as they were aware of the time and effort it would require to implement the update once the project was initiated.

However, it seems that the developers are less and less concerned about older players and are prioritizing conducive game growth at atmosphere more(with the exception of upcoming customization options). While they certainly do appreciate feedback, as has been evident for quite some time, many changes appear to be done without much consideration of those who had already invested hours, days, weeks, and even months, into the game, and more about how appealing the game would be to new players.

For example, it appears that they did not fully consider the repercussions of not properly recompensating the loss of upgrades and coins. Although I did not pay a cent for the game, I did grind for hours to get upgrades.

One possible fix for this issue is that the higher the league level of the powers, the more games you get per level. This is because higher levels require higher amounts of coins. Furthermore, five games per level isn’t very fair, since we spent many more games than just five crates per upgrade for most powers. Of course, this part is arguable.

Overall, however, I believe that the update has done more good than harm. The gameplay is fairer, especially for new players. Module rarity did not play much of a role, so removing that feature was likely a good move. The game itself is much more skill-based.

The forced diversity promoted by the limit of three daily powers encourages you to master new combinations of modules(for example, if you were previously dependent on a double fever combo, you may have to stick with a fever and a jump, or perhaps something similar).

Nevertheless, while it is certainly enjoyable to have this “3 daily powers” scheme implemented for many, perhaps putting in daily in there is a bit too much. Two possibilities to amend/modify this include:

  1. As Owl and Dusara have previously commented, perhaps the three free modules should be updated each time you earn a crate. This could furthermore allow the total number of crates to be eight again.

  2. Shortening the amount of time before you receive new powers may also suffice. Perhaps changing this temporal quantity to three hours, or five hours, could work.

Furthermore, some players are disappointed in the proposition that certain skins and other specific customization options will be available based on rank(an example Averazon used is that some skins will only be available to Grandmasters, and so on and so forth). These “some players” include me, Line, Chileanway, and Juul thus far. If you’re wondering why this list doesn’t include more players/community members, it is because I did not ask anyone else yet.

They suggested that the skins be based on level, rather than rank. This would be fairer. Despite the developers resetting ranks for those who “rankboost,” this gimmick for unfairly increasing rank may remain a problem. Furthermore, if you lose your rank, you will lose your earned skin as well. Additionally, rank is a fickle aspect, as it is possible to lose rank. If the Quick Play matches you up with someone far above your skill level, it is out of your hands, and you may end up losing much rank. This is disadvantageous for earning skins.

Another aspect is the terminology of “points.” The meaning of the amount of “points you have on a power” now is the amount of times you can utilize that power, unless the power is free. However, I believe that the terminology could be turned into the amount of “energy you have on a power.” This could, arguably, be less confusing. Furthermore, the bright yellow icon of the energy symbol could liven up the power library. The only powers that would lack this energy symbol would be free powers, both because they are already free and also due to the fact that a yellow icon on a yellow background would not fit well.

An issue that has already been mentioned about this update is that you can no longer compare module stats at a glance. The two main reasons for this include:

  1. The powers have been heavily balanced. Therefore, there is little need to compare the powers.

  2. Space is needed to display the amount of points you have on a power.

However, Owl did mention that he used side-shot instead of one-shot, believing that it had more attack like it used to. Of course, this issue is, like the “terminology” matter I brought up earlier in this post, simply a matter of convenience and simplicity. I am personally ambivalent on this.

One other potential predicament I wished to present and discuss was that of new powers. I have recently been playing as a guest account(as I already own all powers on my normal account), simply for fun. An issue I noticed was that once you earn a new power through leveling up, you do not receive any energy on it. This means that if a new player is excited about a power they recently earned, they will be unable to try it immediately. My suggestion is to make it such that whenever you unlock a module, you receive ten points on it immediately so that you can try it out if you wish.

While a core aspect of the game, largely coins and upgrades, has been altered drastically, I believe that it was for the better. Nonetheless, this is the first time an update has received such an immediate negative outburst from the community. Gladly, the developers are open to feedback and suggestions.

One remedy to prevent this in the future could include, as the the user alleah suggested, is polls. Similar to how changelogs pop up on the screen if there has been a new update, polls could pop up if a new poll has been released. Of course, specific questions cannot be asked on polls. However, it may give developers a larger window into what the players want.

Questions could easily include things such as, “Which would you rather have customization options associated with – level or rank?”

Feel free to discuss and debate the ideas above!




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