Updates that should come to the game



I have been playing TONS more in the past few and have noticed quite a few things that could use or need some changes. Also, remember this is not a HATE topic I had some suggestions that would make a cool and simple update. :cookie:

:1st_place_medal: First Match


  • Bots have had the same name for more than a year.
  • Colors are always the same.
  • Ranks are the same too.


  • Add a 50% chance of there being other bots with other skins.
  • Add one bot with a gold rank.
  • There could be an easy starter (bronze) Average (silver bronze and gold) and a hard (diamond and gold)

:gm: Avatars and Crowns


  • There is NO way to get new avatars from an old battle pass avatar or crown. With skins from old battle passes you can get them with gems.


  • Make it possible to buy avatars and crowns with gems.
  • Make them affordable (50-100 gems)

:crown: Rating System

There is NONE of this yet but I think it would be cool if players could rate powers, avatars, and crowns.
If you own the item you may rate it for an example
One-Shot average rating: 8.1/10
Paper Clip Avatar average rating 4.9/10
The Fist Crown average rating 9.5/10
IceCream Skin average rating 0.7/10

This could be a VERY cool way to share how good this is and how you like it for people that got 400 gems and they are wondering, “what should I get?” and they buy the iceCream skin and quit.
We DON’T what this to ever happen so if we could rate skins then everyone can spend their gems, Wisley.

:checkered_flag: Daily log in streak

Here is an example of how it could work
Gem Crate: 1-10 gems, XP Box 10-120xp boost.

:airplane: Weekly Shop

If you play Fortnite (I don’t) then you might know there is a rotating shop.
From this, I came up with the idea that Cfp could have something like this but instead of weekly, It would be one more way to spend your gems. Here is an example of this:

There are a few more things I could add but that will be shared for a later time.
if you have any OTHER questions or suggestions comment on them below and I will probably have a response for you.


As it was explained already before, there is no need of making the first match more randomized since it’s a match that is supposed to introduce the game to the new players. People usually don’t play it more than once therefore a change is no needed.

I agree with this. I feel like people would spend more money on the game if you could buy tese stuff and that would keep the servers running for longer.

Not quite sure if this is needed. Even if it’s added to the game, people would still ask for good combos and powers to use.

I guess this could work, but… I’m not quite sure if it would be a good addition to the game.

There used to be a daily shop offers that would be giving you a free crate as well. It was removed later on though.

  1. I know but it would be a cool addition but un-needed
  2. Yeah I just need to spend my 150 gems rn
  3. It would be cool to have though!
  4. The prizes could be less
  5. It would just on rare occasions add skins like Angel


I like the last four but not the first one, it is just a waste of time I do not know if you spend your time making alt accounts but I think most people don’t.
We also really need numbers five and two.
Pick your fav below ^-^

  • First Match
  • Avatars and Crowns
  • Rating System
  • Daily log in streak
  • Weekly shop

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Could @Rojoss please read this topic? I just want you to see some ideas the could come in the future! :blush:


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