Update The Update(this one is for the devs)



So recently, there has been lots of negativity surrounding the recent update. There are some good things and bad things about the update, imho:

Good things:
#1 Fairer gameplay
#2 Customization
#3 Team Mode
#4 Leaderboard

Those last 3 are still not finished yet.

Bad things:
#1 Noticeably more lag.
#2 Little recompensation for coins(which players actually paid for, BTW)
#3 Only 3 Daily powers.

Now, a few things I understand. I know that to recompensate for coins spent on updates, we have that you get points for leagues, but the problem is, players spent money on them.

It’s also “fairer,” but that’s arguable.

Reversing the update isn’t the best option, since some things are good.

One idea(also suggested on the forum by Dusara and Owl) is that your 3 free powers update themselves after each round.

I get that you were going for trying to get players to diversify the powers they use. However, you are more limiting it, as there are only 3 powers that players are able to use conservatively. Instead if you diversified the very 3 powers you get, you could also re-introduce the 8 total crates thing.

Consider it.




update only makes things fairer among people on the highest level who have all powers unlocked, the early game powers clearly aren’t as strong as the late game powers, this is a bigger discrepancy than any upgrades can cause. the boosts upgrades gave to powers just gave small improvements to the abilities, nothing game breaking. If the removal of upgrades was really supposed to make things “fair” for the new players then all abilities would be available immediately at level 0. Don’t misread this and think I’m saying this is a solution, I’m just trying to explain that upgrades weren’t what made things unfair for new players.


There may be currently a lot of negative activity surrounding the update but its only been out for one day. Developers are trying as hard as they can to create a fairer game well still keeping it competitive and fun. It is still the same game play only players have to use different powers (modules).

and yes they did get rid of 4 crates, but they cut the amount of XP it takes to level up by almost 1/3, and you also get more XP in a crate now, so it is averaged out.


*cough cough forced to use the same 3 powers only


You are not forced, you get daily 2 energy from the shop + you can buy more energy using gems.

I realize the current system is not perfect, but it will be perfected as time goes on. currently this update is in its early stages, but it doesn’t mean that there has to be 5 million posts about how bad the update is. The developers understand, and they will come up with a solution for it eventually.