Update regarding rules & moderation


Hi all, lately there has been a lot of toxicity especially on the Discord server.
The community of CF3 and CFP have always been super nice and welcoming and there was almost never any toxicity or conflicts between players and the staff team.
Unfortunately this is no longer the case and it’s only been going downhill the past months.

We tried making the rules more clear, giving everyone a reset to hopefully start fresh.
This hasn’t worked because people always try to push the limits and the rules and punishments are pretty forgiving so moderators had a hard time moderating toxicity and such.

A month ago I made an announcement on Discord that we will start banning people for toxicity and insulting others and such.
This seemed to work for a couple of weeks but then people were starting to push the boundaries again.
So here I am with an more official announcement regarding this new rule.
The official guidelines and rules have also be updated to include this bit.

Unfortunately we already had to ban quite a lot of dedicated veteran players from the Discord server but after giving out dozens of warnings and lighter punishments we had no other choice.
It’s sad to see them go and I honestly mean this because aside from the toxicity I valued most of these people a lot, but it couldn’t go on like this because moderators were quitting and I lost motivation to continue with Curve Fever.

By all means I’m not an expert either, nobody is and everyone can make mistakes but I’ve tried many things to get things to calm down and to get the community back to what it was but none helped so we are moving forward now with more strict moderation and hopefully we can build up something nice again.

Zero tolerance regarding toxicity

Toxic behavior will be punished with a permanent ban.
We will give a warning and in some cases we might give some lighter punishments.
But if we know that you have been warned or punished before then you will be banned without notice.
These bans are platform specific so if you get banned on Discord you can still play the game and vice versa.

Toxicity is of course super broad, as mentioned before people want to try and push the boundaries and we can not cover everything. In general we recommend everyone to try to be civil, respectful and mindful of the rules. To avoid getting banned it’s also recommended to take warnings and lighter punishments very seriously because we will be more strict towards repeated offenders.
This also means that most of the community has nothing to worry about but if you have received warnings or punishments it is recommended to be more civil and respectful.

  • Be civil and polite
    Don’t post or share anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, rude, abusive, or hate speech.
  • Keep it clean
    Don’t post or share anything that can obviously have a negative impact on the community or the game
  • Respect each other
    Don’t harass or grief anyone, insult or trash talk people, impersonate people, or expose their private information.
  • Respect the content
    Be respectful of the content and the people discussing them, even if you disagree with some of what is being said.
  • Respect our services
    We are a shared community resource, a place to share skills, knowledge, interests and to have fun.

Avoiding punishments

Avoiding punishments like timeouts or bans will also get you banned without notice.
This means that if you create an alt and get caught you will be banned immediately.
This also includes account sharing so you can get other accounts banned too.

Discussing punishments

Discussing or complaining about punishments in public is not allowed and this has been added to the rules.
If you disagree with a punishment you can either contact a moderator or better send an email to support. ([email protected])
This includes discussing or complaining about punishments from others.

Punishments & Bans

Moderators will be able to give lighter punishments such as timeouts and temporary bans.
Permanent bans can only be done by me or Karig as lead moderator.
Which means that moderators will have to share details of the situation and include some proof before we can make a decision to ban or not.


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