Update on skin concept contest! (Splitting it up and more prizes)


Hi all, we’re impressed by the amount of submissions already for the skin concept contest.
This is also the reason we’re reaching out because we will change things up a little bit.
We’ll be splitting the contest in two categories and there will be more prizes! :gem~1::agoogletada:

The contest will be split into concepts and actual designs to give everyone a fair chance.
Everyone will be able to vote for the two separately.
We will categorize the skins so all you have to do is submit it before February 14th.

The two categories explained:
:pencil2: Concepts Any sketches, quick drawings that are not fully worked out.
Voting on these is based on the conceptual idea and not how good the drawing is.
:paintbrush: Art & Design Digital art for skins that are fully worked out, we must see that you put time in to making this otherwise we consider it as a concept.
Voting on these is based on the looks how good the drawing is.

This set of prizes is given to both categories so in total there will be 20 winners!
If you submit multiple skins you can win multiple prizes. (only 1 content creator badge)
:gold:1st: 500 gems + Content creator badge
:silver:2nd: 400 gems + Content creator badge
:bronze:3rd: 300 gems + Content creator badge
:paper:4th-10th: 200 gems

:warning: A final important note: Even if your skin wins that it does not guarantee it will be in the game.
We will make the skins (maybe with the help of the community) and use all the concepts as inspiration.
We can modify them, combine them, use them or not use any of them, we can not guarantee anything.

And remember all skin submissions have to be sent to @prabh
See theoriginal post for all the details.


you wrote “january the 14th” by mistake


when we do vote where do we do it


I’ve edited the post, thanks for the eye! :+1:


It will be on Discord.


oh just asking how many submissions did you lots get
give me an estimate


There’s no limit


ok fair enough


will there be any new powers


I’m not sure but the main priorities for the game at the moment are:

  • Teams in Customs
  • Skins in shops or a battlepass.


…I don’t have discord…what do I do.


Make an account and join the server :wink: It’s easy


50-100 already :upside_down_face:


No i mean, it’s blocked by my school and my parents. :frowning: Is there any way to incorporate voting on the forum?


No sorry we’ll do it on one place.
You could maybe use a phone or someone else’s computer.


If I do not vote, does it affect my chance of winning lol.


Only 1 vote less on your skins (from yourself)


lol okay.


yeah and then only 5 ppl vote or six and it is all tied


when do we vote is it on 14th or 15th