Update on MATCHMAKING: Still horrible


I already wrote a post about this a few days ago. And even after the matchmaking update, which made waiting times even longer in europe, it STILL didn’t solve the problem at all. I’ve been in a lot of games where I lose BECAUSE of the unfairness in team balance.

This is so infuriating, since there’s nothing I can do, but lose points, get angry, and lose a crate slot for nothing. No good reason.

There’s a VERY simple fix: BRING. BACK. FFA.



The best part is when somebody leaves after the second round and its still close and u know u would have won if you where a full team but u lose anyway. When 1 leaves u could leaves aswell because its just such an unfair advantage


Part of the reason for unfair matchmaking is not the matchmaking system’s fault, but rather the fact that good players often team up. Hence, in many cases, no matter how good the algorithm is, teams will be unfair.


FFA is coming back this week! Also fixing this is most likely not easy.


I actually prefer to play with 2 players :joy: your donations dont get split up and you can team up more then with 3 people


Thank you so much, I’m tired of teams :pray: