Update Glitch


I got the new update but I can’t play the game. When I join a game this happens. How do i fix it?


Ehhm is your webgl working https://get.webgl.org/
(that is what kind of stuf devs say right)


yes it is


Still wont work though


Seems like a caching issue, try doing a hard refresh.
For most browsers assuming you’re on Windows you can do CTRL+SHIFT+R


I have done a hard refresh, I have logged out then logged in, and I have shut off my computer. I have no clue what to do


I have also refreshed multiple times


None of this is a hard refresh though.
Really try CTRL+SHIFT+R it’s not a regular refresh.

A hard refresh clears cached assets from your browser, even when you close the browser or your PC the assets will still be cached.
You can try playing on an incognito window or a different browser that should also work if you can’t manage to clear your cache through a hard reload.


lol im so dumb. also, would a hard reset reset everything?


It would clear the cache and stuff. If you didn’t register your account you might lose it!


I mean all of my other game data. I play multiple games where I cannot register.