Unplayable game



OK. That game become unplayable. You have lag, You teleport into lines and you can’t see the lines…https://forum.curvefever.pro/uploads/default/original/2X/a/a586c9c89e26f58dec597f8b97d339289abdb6b2.mp4

At the end, i ve got stuck waiting for my results…

U see everyone is dead and , everyone left, you wait 10 seconds and the game freeze.


This is normally related to high ping. Do you have the match id?


09rr1EhK7.0 is the match.
I ve not seen my results.
Is this normal?
My ping was very low on the next match.


I took a look at the replay and it definitely seems to me that you have been lagging. All other players run smoothly and don’t even die weirdly which would suggest server lags. But that is most certainly not the case.

I guess your ping was super high. We have an in-game tool which you can toggle on/off to see your ping. You could try looking at it from time to time if you are not already doing so.

On which server are you playing?


Only in eu.
Im in eu and my connection work well.


“Only in eu” is true, but i ve not enabled that normally.


I normally active the only eu checkmark since it gives a little bit of a better performance. If you use the in-game ping feature you can also see the server you are in… sometimes it happens to me that i get into us servers and then my ping jump up very much.

Otherwise you could try to download the client version via google chrome.

Also somewhere on the forum are performance tips, just search for it and follow those instructions. That might help in your case.

It def seems like you are lagging so from the server side there can’t be done too much, i am afraid.


I play in the google chrome client… Is my server far away ? I am in france, north-west.
Other question, Why did i were stuck at the end waiting for my results?