[Unofficial tournament] Which nation is best at CFP?



:de: :netherlands: :poland: Nation / Region Cup :us: :ru: :uk:

Represent your nation / region and show that your nation /region is the best in Curve Fever Pro.

:timer_clock: When?

Qualification :
FFA in his region (Who is the best of his region)
16th May Saturday / 6 pm CEST / Max. duration 1h
All Powers - Turrets on - Ranked
(There will be an individual time for the players from America)

Nation / Region Cup:
17th May Sunday / 8 pm CEST / Max. duration 2 h
All Powers - Turrets on - Unranked

:question: How does it work?

1.) Registration
  • Sign in with >>>I’m in as [Name] + [Nation / region]<<<
  • All players register for one of the six listed nations / regions.
  • Signup deadline: 1 hour before start of the tournament
2.) Qualification
  • The qualification takes place on Saturday.
  • You compete against other players of your nation in the classic FFA knockout mode (No Pickup).
  • Get into the finals and show that you belong to the top players in your nation / region.
  • The teams will be announced after qualification.
3.) Nation / Region Cup
  • The Nation Cup takes place on Sunday.
  • The teams will be announced on Saturday.
  • Win against the other nations /region in a 3v3 and show that your nation / region is the best in Curve Fever.
4.) Rules
  • By signing up you automatically agree to the rules below!
  • Be on time. A host may delay the match for 3 minutes from the start time. Afterwards you are out.
  • No compensation for bugs or lag and no rematches.
  • Teaming is not allowed in qualification and all players involved will be punished.
  • Cheating is not allowed in any form or circumstance.

5.) Nation / Region pool (click for detail)

"Region 1: Germany"

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

"Region 2: Netherlands"

France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Andorra, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican

"Region 3: Poland"

Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

"Region 4: United Kingdom"

Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

" Region 5: America"

United States of America, Canada, Mexico, all countries from South America and Central America, all Oceanian countries

" Region 6: Eastern Europe + Asia + Africa"

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, all countries from Asia, all countries from Africa

You cannot find your nation / region ? Click on region for detail. If you still can’t find your nation / region, contact me.

Where are you from guys?
Where are you from?

I’m in as Magician. I play for Nation 4.


I’m in as Chaz for Nation 5(America)


I’m in as Tale for Nation 2 (Netherlands/Belgium)


I’m in as doncoupon Nation 1


I’m in. Region BELGIUM


Im in. Region 6


I’m in region 6


I’m in as Okleksik; region 3: Poland.
I’d also like it say, that Poles are the best and it’s obvious!

A Jarosław Kaczyński, Andrzej Duda, Ziobro, Sasin i inni PiS-owcy powinni zostać skazani przez Trybunał Stanu za wszystkie delikty konstytucyjne i działalność na szkodę Narodu. Pozdrawiam i pokażmy wszystkim, że jesteśmy najlepsi!


I’m in as Domnic Region 6


I’m as ferma + nation 4 (Lithuania)


Not sure if I can make it.
But I’m in as Line for Region 2 :heart:


i am in as zuzi for Region 1 (Austria)


Du bist aus Österreich? :open_mouth:




I’m in as SRO100. Region 2 (Spain)


Die Ösis :joy: super völkchen :joy:


Im in as viderss for nation 1


I’m in as Musty. Nation 4 (United KIngdom)


I’m in a David123 for Region 5: America