[UNOFFICIAL] Tournament: Teams Clash Results!



After a very long awaited finals match I am happy to announce our winners of the Teams Clash Tournament. :trigon:

:1st_place_medal: 1st Place Team tbc: @HyceK, @Dripsies, @Kleczcwel, Scarnation27670 - 400 gems each :gem: & :crown:
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd Place Team Jaan delenda est: @hohoho, Harald, @74R45, Death - 250 gems each :gem:
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd Place Team Melting Curve: @depth1, Sebaci, @GREECE, @Rypherio - 150 gems each :gem:

More Details on the Final

Team tbc and Jaan delanda est had up until June 27th to play the finals. In the event either team had team members unable to play, player substitutions were allowed and each team was allowed to pick 1-2 alternatives from the participants that had played in the Teams Tournament.

  • For team tbc the players in the finals match are: HyceK, Dripsies, Kleczcwel and @Alpha
  • For team Jaan delanda est the players in the finals match are: hohoho, Harald, 74R45 and @Isar

Our lucky winners all receiving 100 gems are: VAIN, odN, samkaadje, and Boronto#99127 :cfp:


Thank you all for your patience with this tour and hope to see you in the Iron Man! :smile:


Does Team #12 get anything :wink:?


:joy: unfortunately no, besides the most ironic placement in the tour