Unofficial Tournament Sunday 3rd March - Test Tour starting 20:00 CET (max 2hrs long)


Sooo, I thought i would organise an unofficial tournament this weekend. The theme is Test Tour and each round will have a couple of different matches. We will test different gamemodes all through the tour.

If you’re in, post “I’m in”.

Matches will be unranked - the idea is to have fun! Though being competitive is also fine.

Also this may become the start of a series of test tours with an overall rank leaderboard. Depending on turn-out etc, there may be monetary prize of battle pass woop woop

[unofficial] Test tournament series
Test tour (3/319) conclusion and feedback

Im in :3


Im in


@theangelov is joining this tournament. I will test whatever gamemode the tournament host give me. I promise to have fun.


I’m in!
Ahh feels good to say that again.


Im in


Also, any requests for tournament gamemodes is welcome!


I’m in.


im in /wait what time is that in north carolina


If google is not wrong its at 2 pm in North Carolina


Nvm I will not be able to make it because of my babysitting class


I am in. Tell me on discord cos i can forget about it.


I will make a draft tournament schedule maybe tonight or tomorrow and put it here so you can give feedback etc.


I’m In. First tournament


nevermind. In wisconsin, it’s 1 am


I’m in.


erm no xd its more like 1pm


I’m in


Team, reintroduce K.O., a few others maybe, trying out new modules.


Wait when is it(in EST)