[Unofficial] Tournament (Spanish & English) In community gamer WEB called TierraProhibida. All VS All



Does anyone want to play a Curve Fever PRO tournament tomorrow? That is, Sunday, January 27, 6:00 PM (18:00) CETS.
Tierrabots = Virtual currency with which you can redeem more STEAM cards.
Prizes in game;
The prizes in Tierrabots or Steam cards depend on the number of active participants
If a player registers, but does not participate, it is not considered active.
24 assets; 1st 10 € Steam Card, 2nd 5 € Steam Card and 3rd 3 Tierrabots.
+18 assets; 1st 5 € Steam Card, 2nd 3 Tierrabots and 3rd 1 Tierrabot.
+12 assets; 1º 3 Tierrabots, 2º 2 Tierrabots and 3º 1 Tierrabot.
+6 assets; 1º 1 Tierrabots, 2º 0.50 Tierrabots and 3º 0,25 Tierrabot.

It is a tournament NOT OFFICIAL, it is not mandatory to participate or anything like that, but I hope you do it to have fun before the official tournament that will be 2 hours later, remember that any doubt WRITE ME TO THE DIRECT / PRIVATE MESSAGE. Thank you.
(You must register on the WEB before registering, to know to whom you give the prize)
{I am not the organizer of the tournament nor the creator of the WEB called TierraProhibida, where these monthly tournaments are organized, I only invite people to have a better prize xD}
[Any questions ask me privately or from here using @MatiGaMeS to come faster to attend them]

LINK TOURNAMENT IN TierraProhibida.net: https://www.tierraprohibida.net/torneo?idt=5 [First register sign up please]

(Message copied from the Discord server)
Sincerely, MatiGaMeS