[UNOFFICIAL] Tournament: Quickplay Champ Results



I first want to send out a huge thank you to the 58 participants that participated in the tournament today! Our top three winners are:

:1st_place_medal: DeoVolente :crown:
:2nd_place_medal: Curver
:3rd_place_medal: @Waky

They each win 400 gems, equivalent to the new battlepass! :confetti_ball: :cfp:

Our three random winners for 190 gems are: @Creepy7242, @Grandma & @Dav

One of the tournament staff will reach out to you to follow up for receiving these rewards :slightly_smiling_face:

All Participants:

Thank you again everyone and a huge thank you to @Ambroz37, @Magician, @Riomo & @theangelov for helping create these tournaments. :hugs: Hope to see you all again in the next one!


I enjoyed…but i still cant but the battle pass :frowning:


Thank you hosting this tour and like always it was fun and great. Hope to see more tours with great players. :partying_face:




;D i’m happy


Roxie, Magician, Riomo, Ambroz and TheAngelov, thanks for organizing the tour and the previous ones!! Always fun to participate.


Ah gg! wp everyone :tada:
Sad I wasn’t there to see it

One more thing lol, my covid test is negative :partying_face: Time to tryhard and get rank :joy:


Mos, you know. My money is your money.


Thank you :blush: I was happy to see your number and @Dav pop up


That’s great news ^^


congrats deo


Hey everyone, here are the finals of the Quickplay Champ tournament. We appreciate you for coming and playing and we hope you all had fun.

(I apologize for the lags on the video. But please make sure to come on our discord server and watch the finals from there next time)



GGs! I was out in the worst way possible in round four, I was in first for most of the match then lost -18 and -10 in the last two rounds :frowning: I would have been in round 5 if it was not for that


In the next one could you make one with bronze 2 - dia 0 and dia 1 - GM tours?


The golds and silvers never have a chance cus of the better players, it would make it more fun if it was not the same GM winning almost every game I had most of my 4 games with gms and dia 3+


What you are describing is a league tour which we could definitely think about doing in the future. However regular tours are set up with all ranks because that’s the spirit of competition :smile: All the players are randomized at the start of the tournament so it is up to fate who you play with. After Round 1, then it’s based off how well you do who you play against.

This tournament had many mid to high ranked players which may be why you feel you had that experience.


:weary::triumph: grrr


Yeah I could make it to round 6 max almost got round 5 but I was like the only gold at round 4 almost all of the others were out


As you play for longer (in general) most people get better…except me ofc :joy: but jokes aside, you did very well and I hope you continue to participate. It will only help you become a better player long-term :slightly_smiling_face:


Ive been here 4 three years